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„Tale of the Dove “ is a nonprofit short film portrait of my father „Issmat“, who is a 74-year-old, German-based artist of Syrian origin. 

Issmat is a brand for itself/himself, with a fable for art, fashion, culture & people. The intention for this project was to share the fascination for art, the build the bridge between the Orient & occident, between East & west, from a human, who loves life & speaks through his artworks. This should be audiovisually transported. We created this project in-house here at Cinematicz-Creative-Studios in Ulm, Germany. 

With a small crew involved, the artist Issmat & me, and his son as the creative director & supervisor, the vision for the film was, to create the world of Issmat´s paintings in which we give life to the art, tell the story behind it – pulling the audience right into the paintings to create a new immersive experience. The artist Issmat tells the „Tale of the Dove “ in an authentic original interview & explains, why the pigeons found their way into many of his paintings. We digitalized a selection of artworks for this project & used for example 3D-Projection-Mapping, Color-Extraction & 2,5/3D Camera movement, 3D-Lightning, and Greenscreen-Compositing to bring the vision to life. The digital art pieces should be used as NFTs & be offered together with the original paintings.

Happy to share this portrait with our fellow human family, here we are: on a journey through the eyes of an artist.